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What We Do

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4-axis CNC milling centers

At Brown Industries, we have 4-axis CNC milling centers that can handle a wide range of machining tasks. Whether you need to produce complex shapes, intricate patterns, or high-precision parts, our milling centers can deliver the results you want.

Cnc Lathe Machine Slot Cutting a Brass Shaft

Multi-axis Turning

Brown Industries Inc. offers mill turn and live tooling CNC lathes with bar feeding and robot loading capability. These machines combine the advantages of turning and milling in one machine and are capable of operations such as drilling, tapping, threading, grooving, profiling, and more, on the workpiece without changing the setup.

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General Machining

Our machining service covers a range of machining processes, such as drilling, tapping, boring, threading, reaming, and more. Brown Industries can handle various materials, such as steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, and more. We can also provide secondary operations, such as deburring, polishing, and coating. 

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Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication services involve creating custom-made metal products according to the customer’s specifications and design. Brown Industries can fabricate metal, structural steel, piping, and more. We can also offer welding, cutting, bending, forming, and assembly services. 

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Our sawing services involve cutting metal bars, tubes, plates, and shapes to the desired length and angle. Brown Industries has the equipment and expertise to saw various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and more. 

Various cutting tool set up at tool holder magazine of cnc automatic machining center


Our broaching service involves creating complex shapes and profiles on metal parts using a broach tool. Broaching is a fast and efficient way to produce high-quality parts with consistent dimensions. Brown Industries can broach internal and external shapes, such as splines and keyways.

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Our welding services create strong and durable joints that can withstand stress and corrosion. Brown Industries can perform various types of welding, such as MIG, TIG, stick, and spot welding. 

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