Our History

Welcome to Brown Industries, where excellence meets innovation in B2B solutions. Based in the heart of Kansas City, MO, we take pride in being your go-to partner for top-notch industrial services.

Brown Industries began in one room as Givens Machine in 1953. In 1976, Larry A. Brown purchased the company, and through the steady application of his motto, “Quality product, on-time, at a competitive price,” Brown Industries grew to over 30,000 sq ft housing 30+ CNC and manual machines.

In 2020, Zachary Davis purchased Brown Industries. Now, he and his team strive to bring customer value through technology and automated processes while maintaining the tradition of excellence established by the former owners.


Brown Industries

Why Us?

With a commitment to quality and a legacy of reliability since our establishment, Brown Industries stands as a trusted name in the business community.

Our Mission

To uphold the American made standard of quality through innovation, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

one-stop source

Your one-stop source for B2B solutions. For precision machining and welding services, we've got your business needs covered.

High Quality Work

Our team brings unparalleled expertise to every project, ensuring precision & excellence in every solution we deliver.

Brown Industries

Our Customers

Companies trust Brown Industries for quality services and customized solutions. We proudly serve a diverse range of industries, providing tailored excellence and comprehensive B2B machining services to meet various business needs.


Tailoring cutting-edge components to exact specifications, Brown Industries serves OEMs with precision and reliability, ensuring their products stand out in the market.

Oil & Gas

Meeting the dynamic demands of the Oil & Gas Sector, We deliver robust solutions that prioritize efficiency and safety, contributing to the success of complex energy projects.


In the Construction Industry, Brown Industries brings expertise to projects, providing tailored solutions that prioritize precision and durability, enhancing the structural integrity of every build.

Food & Beverage

Committed to quality compliance, Brown Industries is the trusted source for the Food & Beverage Industry, delivering reliable components crucial for seamless operations and product excellence.


Manufacturers trust Brown Industries for streamlined processes and customized solutions, optimizing production efficiency and contributing to the success of diverse manufacturing operations.

& Many More!

We are proudly serving a diverse range of industries. Brown Industries offers tailored excellence and comprehensive B2B solutions, meeting the unique needs of businesses across various sectors.
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