Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Our quality control staff continually inspects & monitors production.

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A Precision Partner

How does a contract manufacturer benefit your business?

Brown Industries provides a turnkey service from ordering the materials to shipment of the finished product. With over 35 years of experience, we offer the ability to efficiently produce your product while helping to reduce your overall costs and maximize your profits without adding unnecessary overhead.

Brown Industries facility is comprised of 7 buildings housing 30+ CNC and manual machines including live tooling lathes, 4-axis milling centers with pallet changing capability and in house quality control with a Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine. We have the ability to handle multiple materials including, but not limited to, aluminum, steel, stainless, iron, plastics and nylon up to 48" in diameter.

Why outsource locally?

Utilizing contract manufacturers within the United States has many benefits over international outsourcing, and is much more cost effective than many realize. Manufacturing close to home reduces shipping costs and strengthens the line of communication between the manufacturer and the designer. Also, with reduced shipping times comes the benefit of a smaller inventory and simpler schedule to meet your demands on time. The bottom line is that shortened supply chains lead to faster turnaround, higher quality and lower prices.

Brown Industries maintains a vested interest in keeping American made products competitive through advanced technologies, innovative lean business practices, and hiring and retaining quality, experienced employees and management. The combined efficiency of these components is the key to economically feasible, high quality production options in the United States.